Statistical Tracking and Metrics

Tracking Trends

One nice advantage computers have given us is a simpler way to compile data and find uses for it. That data, when analyzed helps to find trends, metrics, compare changes, and forecast futures. I have used limited tracking on previous pages but wanted to have better metrics to help me predict, or focus, on what people are looking at. The main purpose of this project is to take the code from this project and port that code and information learned into the ATANNE AI project to display the data in a more user friendly and analytically friendly manner.

This project gave me some ideas that I had not played with in the past, and I moved some of the focus to javascript and crunching numbers I normally just browse with little interest. The project also allowed me to brush up on JSON, multi-dimensional arrays, and some other interesting ways to shift data around. Below are charts that are piped from information this server collects. All of the information is non-identifying information and narrows the scope to only this website (I don't use cookies!). The graphs may take a second to correctly appear as they have to be calulated from live data sources and crunched on the fly.

In last chart I am comparing how many 404 hits (page does not exist) I get by weekday. These page hits are for the most part (but not always) attempts to hack the web site side of this page. They are attempts to find pages such as wp-login, myphpadmin, web page control panels, etc. that actually don't exist. I actually have no web based control panels visible to the outside world... most likely because that's a security threat, and also because the web site was written from primarily my own code and has a propietary software suite I wrote to make updates and changes :-)

Data starts from Monday (11 Nov 2019) until present.

*Browser types are determined by what is reported to the server and can be falsified easily.

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