• Coding

    Lots of patience, coffee, semi-colons, and debugging....

  • Sunrise

    Had to stop early in the morning and just enjoy this one...

  • Fishing

    Favorite thing to do, especially saltwater!

  • Day trips

    Best way to get a break and come up with new ideas!

  • Deployments :-)

    Damned proud retiree and learned a lot from my time in the service

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I'm Greg! If this is your first time here, hello and welcome! This website was originally set up as a demo and resume but now functions as a portfolio, projects, and services information source. I have hopefully reorganized this to allow easier navigation and some more interactivity. Yes I still dream of ending up working in a lab or futures development tech area with Google, Apple, Amazon, or some other top notch company...

...but it's still just a dream...