RSM - Remote System Monitoring

Performance. Maintenance, and Status Update Tools

RSM was designed as a teaching tool and to assist me for keeping tabs on systems I use for testing. The tool allows me to perform maintenance, get system availability, track resources, and view system specific componants. The Demo information below is only a small piece of the overall software suite that I developed. The objective of RSM was to use the project as a learning/insight tool of how similar professional tools function and where they can fail or be compromised. I wanted a comparable tool to what I currently use almost daily, it was not intended as a comprehensive solution or finished product.

As with anything in IT, we always need ways to simplify our daily tasks. It's far easier for us to have one system that gives IT Professionals an overview of the health and status of servers, end-user platforms, and methods to push updates and changes. RSM was designed more as a learning tool than a practical solution for me. The basic idea was to create a platform, web-interface, and remote software to give me a better understanding of common tools I use everyday. Platforms like Solar-winds, Connectwise, Puppeteer API, Apple MDM, Jamf, and all of the other RAT (Remote Administrative Tool) packages available.

While RSM was not intended as a complete solution for managing servers and networks, it has also given me a better insight on worst-case situations... Compromised systems and Virus Trojans. Having a better understanding of how the "bad people" of the internet can leverage remote control over systems to dump data, utilize resources, and create absolute chaos to an otherwise functioning corporate or private network.

Because of the security risks involved, the current demo below is very limited in scope. The actual software that controls the remote agents is a standalone end-user application using encryption to communicate with the control servers and computing devices. For this reason I have intentionally not published any information or made it available here. Below is an overview of the systems, and there general status. I've provided a floating link that takes you to another server where more details can be seen for those systems. The demo system you see here is live, but is a limited version of the actual system.

Remote Systems Monitoring...

Host Name Heartbeat Alerts Public IP Local Network IP User OS Type Agent Version System Architecture Group Category Offline On *Masked* *Masked UserID* Linux 0.6.26 beta amd64 Server Primary Offline On Avail. *Masked UserID* Linux 0.6.26 beta amd64 Server Secondary
Dummy-Server Offline Alert Linux 0.6.26 beta arm Server Primary
Bruces-Mac-Pro.local Offline Off brucecolburn Mac OS X 0.6.26 beta x86_64 NotSet NotSet
ubuntu_serv Offline Off *Masked* *Masked UserID* Linux 0.6.26 beta amd64 NotSet NotSet
DESKTOP-3JD9BD7 Offline Off Greg Windows 10 0.6.26 beta x86 NotSet NotSet